FPSE Neighborhood Plan & Form Based District

Photographs (3)In 2014, Park Central Development embarked upon an ambitious, year-long planning process with the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood. Staff at Park Central and a design team from H3 Studio worked closely with residents, business owners and local leadership with the goal of developing a comprehensive vision for the future of the area, as well as lay the groundwork for a form based district in the future.

After holding numerous public meetings, open houses, planning charrettes and private interviews, Park Central Development, H3 Studio and the 15-member steering committee are proud to present the FPSE Neighborhood Plan. This plan encompasses a series of specific and strategic recommendations for the neighborhood that will improve the general welfare, experiential quality, perceptions, identity, safety, livability and quality of life for all of the residents in Forest Park Southeast.  The planning process was funded with Community Development Block Grants from the Community Development Administration of the City of St. Louis, and generous support from the Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation.

The future FPSE Form Based District will represent the codification of recommendations outlined in the FPSE Neighborhood Plan, as they pertain to future development on private property. Park Central Development is currently working through a draft of the form based district with City of St. Louis officials and will be collecting feedback from residents, business owners and local leadership over the next few months.

FPSE Neighborhood Plan Vision Statement:

“We are a strong Community that wants to continue building a sustainable neighborhood around our central location, urban history and cultural diversity. By 2025, we see Forest Park Southeast as an economically-vibrant, mixed-income Community with access to a variety of living options; transit, bicycle and recreation amenities; and employment opportunities!”

Download the full FPSE Neighborhood Plan here.

Please stay tuned for future information.

Questions?  Please contact Matthew Green at 314-535-5311 or matthew@parkcentraldevelopment.org