Tiffany Development Committee

Park Central Development and the Tiffany Neighborhood Association worked together to draft, conduct, and analyze a Needs Assessment Survey in order to write a 5-year action plan based upon what the community stakeholders identified as the highest priority needs.  With that plan in hand, Park Central Development can begin to implement the sought after changes.  

Park Central Development is facilitating a development committee for the neighborhood as part of  the plan.  The committee will meet on an as needed basis.

The members are:

  • Patrick Burke
  • Urana Ballard
  • Seth Jarman
  • Sherri Koehm
  • Paul Loewenstein
  • John J. Noecker
  • Dawn S. Patrick
  • Breann Schubert
  • Jerome Thomas


2017 Meetings

February 23
Agenda item #1