Tiffany Neighborhood Action Plan Draft

Park Central Development staff has been working closely with the Tiffany Community Association and other area stakeholders to create a five-year action plan in order to better their neighborhood.  The first step in the process was to draft, distribute, and analyze a needs assessment survey.  It was completed by over 100 residents in the Tiffany neighborhood.  Questions about safety, school programs, job availability, and demographics gave the Action Plan Committee the information needed to draft the plan which will be presented on February 21 at the Tiffany Community Association meeting.  Residents are encouraged to attend and give feedback before the plan is finalized.  A draft of the Tiffany Needs Assessment and Action Plan is available here.

Part of the plan includes forming a development committee, much like the ones in Forest Park Southeast and the Central West End.  A development committee is comprised of nine community stakeholders who either live, work or own property in the neighborhood.  The Tiffany Development Committee will have its first meeting on Thursday February 23 at 6:00 pm at the Tiffany Community Center, 3811 Blaine Avenue.  The meeting is open to the public.