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Job Opportunity

Park Central is looking to hire an Event and Development Coordinator. Please click on job title for job description.  Any questions, please contact Abdul Abdullah at

CWE Southeast Special Business District Working to Establish a new CID

The CWE Mid-City Community Improvement District would replace the current CWE Southeast Special Business District when it expires at the end of 2018. The Southeast Special Business District has been providing safety and security services to the neighborhood since 1996. The District currently provides additional security patrols, maintains a security camera network, partners with the… Read More >>

Botanical Heights Needs Assessment and Action Plan

Park Central Development staff worked closely with the Botanical Heights Neighborhood Association and a committee of community stakeholders since Spring 2017 to design a neighborhood needs assessment and action plan that addresses the identified needs in the area. After many months of outreach and community engagement activities, a total of 129 residents in the Botanical… Read More >>

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